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Business Continuity plan

As an SME Covid-19 has definitely rocked the boat of the special events industry over the last few weeks. However we wanted to take the time to write this post to let you know our number one priority is the safety, security and satisfaction of everyone involved within each of our special events operations.

If your guests are feeling unwell at one of our events, we have a special events plan to deal with any suspected cases efficiently but most important empathetically.

If you yourselves find yourselves under the weather or your venue regrettably has to postpone your date in the event of a government advised lockdown or one of the other multitude of external related factors, subject to availability we will work with you to mobilise the move of events, covered within your originally agreed contract with us.

In the event of one of our core team feeling unwell, we have put together a contingency staffing plan of other knowledgable & trusted events managers & stylists recommended by ourselves who will work with us to ensure a smooth handover and delivery of agreed services.

We aim to provide the service that we ourselves would want to receive in a compassionate way whilst providing the exceptional customer service & the ‘going the extra mile’ our client base knows & loves about us 💕

Let’s all make each other proud 💕

Thank you again for choosing to work with us over the upcoming months, and we cannot wait to continue on this journey with you, wherever it takes us ✨

Daisy, Aaron & Joanne x

P.S: Here’s a couple of images of tablescapes we’ve been playing around with whilst in quarantine!

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